Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mammoth Lakes

After the conference I decided to visit my sister and her husband in Mammoth Lakes. For some reason I thought that because they are in Southern California, and San Jose is in Southern California (relative to Redding) that my trip would be shorter than heading from Redding itself. I have since learned that Mammoth Lakes is basically 7 hours from everywhere west of the Sierra Nevada.
My sister and brother-in-law in their appartment

 When I arrived, they graciously took me for a tour of their quaint little town
The church they go to (not really)
 I insisted we stop for drinks first
This is Grumpy's.  Both Elise and Jordan work here sometimes

Elise pretends to be camera shy

Elise was handicapped by her unwieldy hair so Jordan had to lead her around.

We stopped at some chic coffee house and bought cookies

Said cookie

Chic coffee house owner operator and crossfit enthusiast.  Married.

Elise thinks she's cool

To the grocery store for barbecue supplies and orange juice 

mission accomplished

My sister is a one of those modern nutrition quacks.  This is basically squash and cinnamon.

To the park for a barbeque

Some kid massacred a dandelion village and left their carcasses as a warning   

Some guy was streaking.  I'd have uploaded it, but this is supposed to be a family friendly blog.

Jordan checking on our brats 


Ok, honestly, it was a pretty lame barbeque
This picture pretty much sums up how I felt the whole time.

Hiking next with my sister and her friend

And her friend's dog

a moment of contemplation

That chick could take a single photo in focus

Experimenting with my new camera

It got pretty boring pretty fast

Then we went to this house

And played this game

And sat in a circle and drank

Jordan's a stud

These are just two of the girls that would end up drunkenly harassing all night

Sulfur-ridden hotsprings

Mammoth style party

A lot of weird people showed up so we left.

I can't remember the game we were playing, but there was a lot of jumping on couches

This is just before the slalom  team came over and started the orgy